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Educational opportunities are offered by i Cento School without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age or disability.

School Attire

All preschool aged children are required to bring a complete change of clothing consisting of a shirt, shorts/pants, socks, and undergarments, and any appropriate extra clothing for the cooler weather such as sweat pants, jeans, etc. Please label your child’s clothing and bring it in a large zippered plastic bag.  The clothing will be kept at i Cento School in the event your child should need a change of clothes.  Should a mishap occur, soiled clothing will be sealed in the plastic bag and placed in the child’s backpack or cubby.   Please include socks and baby wipes in your child’s extra clothing bag and send replacement shoes upon returning to school.

We encourage you to dress your child in durable clothing suitable for the activities of young children.  We must insist that attire include tennis shoes for the children.  We spend time outside running, jumping and climbing on the playground every day!

Students in Kindergarten and Elementary grades are required to wear uniforms Monday through Thursday.  Friday is casual attire.  Uniforms are required the first day of school.  Please follow the uniform requirements that we have listed with Buckhead Uniforms (School Name: I Cento School, School Code: 411).  The girls plaid is the only item required to be purchased through Buckhead Uniforms.  All other components may be purchased through local retailers.  Please see the front office if you have any questions regarding required uniform components.

Personal belongings are best kept at home unless necessary.  Sharp objects and items with small parts that might easily be swallowed should never accompany a child to i Cento School.  Should a teacher feel an item is a risk to your child or other children in the class, the item will be removed from the child and returned  to the parent that afternoon.

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