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We are enjoying another eventful school year.  There are many things that we have planned and we are posting new photos when they are ready.  Please check back periodically to see what we are exploring and discovering next.


Cultural Studies PDF Print E-mail

Garinger Egypt Project 2010

Miss Garinger's class of Fourth and Fifth Graders decided to learn about Egyptian history and culture.  They studied hieroglyphics, making maps, painting a mural, and made models of some canopic jars that were found in ancient tombs of the Pharaohs.

Gymnastics PDF Print E-mail

Gymnastics 2010

We have regular gymnastics activities to help build large motor skills.  The interns that we have observing from Texas State University have had a great time helping the kids learn as they learn some things themselves.

Space Exploration PDF Print E-mail

Space Models 2010

Space is a popular field of study at i Cento School.  Our preschoolers made a diorama about the moon and models of spaceships with mixed materials.  The First Graders also created models of the planets in our solar system and wrote reports about them.

Groundhog Day PDF Print E-mail

Groundhog Day 2010

Our First Graders are very creative, writing reports about Punxsutawney Phil and the history of Groundhog Day. The Kindergartners did project work about walruses and made some great hats to wear.

Paper People PDF Print E-mail

Paper People 2009

Some of our classes practice measurement by making outlines of themselves and comparing them in height.

Green Day PDF Print E-mail

Turtle Costume 2009

We love to dress up and enjoy Dramatic Play.  Sometimes we even bring our own costumes from home to share with our friends.  Sheldon might have a rival here!


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